Juden-chan: Recharged Rinko Media Blasters

Holy Knight (OVA) Camilla Media Blasters

Wonders of the Universe Nova Jones, Lin'zee Starshine Toonwerks

TOME Additional Voices Chris Niosi

Safehouse Police Operator Ryan Braund


Lamplight City Constance Upton Grundislav Games

Unavowed Wendy, May Stein, Dana, Serena Wadjet Eye Games

              Morphite Myrah Kale Crescent Moon Games

The Journey Down: Chapter Three Mama Makena Skygoblin

Dreamfall Chapters Alyssa Balmore Red Thread Games

Shardlight Jess Grundislav Games/Wadjet Eye Games

HunieCam Studio Marlena HuniePot

Technobabylon Viksha Regis, CaptainCheese Technocrat Games/ Wadjet Eye Games

Apotheon Aphrodite Alientrap

Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf Rowinda Winter Wolves

A Golden Wake Various Wadjet Eye Games

Fear For Sale: The 13 Keys Sophia EleFunGames

The Blackwell Epiphany Madeline Wadjet Eye Games

Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain Grace Eipix Entertainment

Conspirocracy Additional Voices Little Red Dog Studios

Myths of the World: Stolen Spring Vesna Eipix Entertainment

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Elizabeth 4 Friends Games

Lucky Tower 2 Blacksmith, Pub Woman Exotworking

Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema Lily Thompson EleFun Games

Primordia Memento Moribuilt, Charity Wormwood Studio/ Wadjet Eye Games

Dust: An Elysian Tail Sarahi Humble Hearts/ Microsoft Games Studio

Resonance Emma, Irina xii games/ Wadjet Eye Games

The Journey Down: Chapter One Mama Makena Skygoblin

The Blackwell Deception Tiffany Wadjet Eye Games

Ace Pilot: Infinity Drifter Sheryl Brigadesoft/ Newgrounds

Reincarnation: TFHH Drunk Woman B-Group Productions

Eternally Us Amber Infinite Grace Games

The Hero Additional Voices Traplight Games/ Chillingo

Learning/Educational Apps

Mission: MATH... Peril at the Pyramids Agent Delta Kata Enterprises and Engine Software

Tim the Fox Tim Internet-Expert LLC

Mission: MATH... Sabotage at the Space Station Agent Delta Kata Enterprises and Engine Software

New York & the Nation Historical Reenactor New York Historical Society


Commercial, Audio Tour, Telephony, and other work for clients including: 

Antfood, Xobni, Lurie CancerCenter, New York Historical Society, Bitrix24, Alconost, Stratford Hall, Banzai Arcade, Jiminy Creative Solutions, IndeedWrestling Weekly, Grundislav Games, and


Commercial Voiceover: Shelly Shenoy,  Amy Marcs/Roy Renza

Advanced Voiceovers (animation): Darren Dunstan

Two-day Voice Acting for Video Games Intensive: Jennifer Hale

Coaching Sessions with: Jay Snyder (animation), Carol Monda (audiobooks), Kevin Delaney and Dan O’Brien (commercial)

Four years classical voice training: Eastman School of Music