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Miranda Gauvin Commercial Demo

Video Game/Animation Reel

Business Explainer




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Miranda was born in Farmington, Maine: the Earmuff Capital of the World (invented there by Chester Greenwood in 1873). She first took to the stage at the age of nine and has been performing steadily ever since in musicals, plays, sketch comedy, a smattering of lyric theatre, and a little improv. She studied Biology, Music, and Theatre in college, and Arts Administration in graduate school.

Since starting in the voiceover world, Miranda has had the pleasure of working with amazing and talented people on a wide range of projects, including games, animation, ADR/anime, iPhone apps, software tutorials, and audio tours, and is looking forward to future collaborations.

Miranda currently resides in New York City.



  • Acoustically Treated Space

  • AT4040 Microphone

  • Solid State Logic SSL 2 Audio Interface

  • Reaper and Audacity DAWs 

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