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  • Juden-chan: Recharged Rinko Media Blasters

  • Holy Knight (OVA) Camilla Media Blasters

  • Wonders of the Universe Nova Jones, Lin'zee Starshine Toonwerks

  • TOME Additional Voices Chris Niosi

  • Safehouse Police Operator Ryan Braund

  • The Witching Hour Rose Vincent Lade

  • Strangeland The Woman, Telephone Operator Wormwood Studio/ Wadjet Eye Games

  • Harthorn April Vincent Lade

  • Tea for Two - A Detective Logan Mystery Emily Feliz eri0o

  • The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City Princess Sunward Games

  • Lamplight City Constance Upton Grundislav Games

  • Unavowed Wendy, May Stein, Dana, Serena Wadjet Eye Games

  • Morphite Myrah Kale Crescent Moon Games

  • Delenda Airlines Miranda Team Dogpit

  • The Journey Down: Chapter Three Mama Makena Skygoblin

  • Dreamfall Chapters Alyssa Balmore Red Thread Games

  • Shardlight Jess Grundislav Games/Wadjet Eye Games

  • HunieCam Studio Marlena HuniePot

  • Technobabylon Viksha Regis, CaptainCheese Technocrat Games/ Wadjet Eye Games

  • Apotheon Aphrodite Alientrap

  • Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf Rowinda Winter Wolves

  • A Golden Wake Various Wadjet Eye Games

  • Fear For Sale: The 13 Keys Sophia EleFunGames

  • The Blackwell Epiphany Madeline Wadjet Eye Games

  • Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain Grace Eipix Entertainment

  • Conspirocracy Additional Voices Little Red Dog Studios

  • Myths of the World: Stolen Spring Vesna Eipix Entertainment

  • Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Elizabeth 4 Friends Games

  • Lucky Tower 2 Blacksmith, Pub Woman Exotworking

  • Fear For Sale: Nightmare Cinema Lily Thompson EleFun Games

  • Primordia Memento Moribuilt, Charity Wormwood Studio/ Wadjet Eye Games

  • Dust: An Elysian Tail Sarahi Humble Hearts/ Microsoft Games Studio

  • Resonance Emma, Irina xii games/ Wadjet Eye Games

  • The Journey Down: Chapter One Mama Makena Skygoblin

  • The Blackwell Deception Tiffany Wadjet Eye Games

  • Ace Pilot: Infinity Drifter Sheryl Brigadesoft/ Newgrounds

  • Reincarnation: TFHH Drunk Woman B-Group Productions

  • Eternally Us Amber Infinite Grace Games

  • The Hero Additional Voices Traplight Games/ Chillingo

Learning/Educational Apps
  • Mission: MATH... Peril at the Pyramids Agent Delta Kata Enterprises and Engine Software

  • Tim the Fox Tim Internet-Expert LLC

  • Mission: MATH... Sabotage at the Space Station Agent Delta Kata Enterprises and Engine Software

  • New York & the Nation Angelica Schuyler Church, Theodosia Burr Alston New York Historical Society

Commercial, Audio Tour, Telephony, and other work for clients including:

CAULIPOWER, Vroom, Supradyn, Antfood, Xobni, Lurie Cancer Center, Bitrix24, Alconost, Stratford Hall, Banzai Arcade, Jiminy Creative Solutions, Indeed Wrestling Weekly, Grundislav Games, and

  • Commercial Voiceover: Shelly Shenoy,  Amy Marcs/Roy Renza

  • Advanced Voiceovers (animation): Darren Dunstan

  • Two-day Voice Acting for Video Games Intensive: Jennifer Hale

  • Coaching Sessions with: Jay Snyder (animation), Carol Monda (audiobooks), Kevin Delaney and Dan O’Brien (commercial)

  • Four years classical voice training: Eastman School of Music

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