Holy Knight (OAV)CamillaMedia Blasters
Wonders of the UniverseNova Jones, Lin'zee StarshineToonwerks
TOMEAdditional VoicesChris Niosi
SafehousePolice OperatorRyan Braund


Mission: MATH... Peril at the PyramidsAgent DeltaKata Enterprises and Engine SoftwareTrailer
Apotheon (PC/PS4)AphroditeAlientrapTrailer
Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the WolfRowindaWinter Wolves
Fear for Sale: The 13 KeysSophiaEleFun Games
The Blackwell EpiphanyMadelineWadjet Eye Games
Amaranthine Voyage:
The Living Mountain
GraceEipix Entertainment
ConspirocracyAdditional Voices Little Red Dog Studios
Myths of the World: Stolen SpringVesnaEipix Entertainment
Mission: MATH... Sabotage at the Space StationAgent DeltaKata Enterprises and Engine SoftwareTrailer
Living Legends: Frozen BeautyElizabeth4 Friends GamesTrailer
Fear For Sale: Nightmare CinemaLily ThompsonEleFun GamesTrailer
PrimordiaMemento Moribuilt, CharityWormwood Studios/ Wadjet Eye GamesTrailer
Dust: An Elysian Tail (Also for PC)SarahiHumble Hearts/ Microsoft Games StudioTrailer
ResonanceEmma, Irinaxii games/ Wadjet Eye GamesTrailer
The Journey Down: Chapter OneMama MakenaSkygoblinTrailer
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Ace Pilot: Infinity DrifterSherylBrigadesoft/ Newgrounds
Reincarnation: TFHHDrunk WomanB-Group Productions
MiskatonicNovack, Nurse, AliceJackslawedTrailer
Eternally UsAmberInfinite Grace GamesPlaythrough, no commentary
(PewDiePie commentary)
The HeroAdditional VoicesTraplight Games/ ChillingoTrailer

Commercial and other work for clients including: Xobni, Lurie Cancer Center, New York Historical Society, Jiminy Creative Solutions, Indeed Wrestling Weekly, Grundislav Games, and


wonders blip

Watch Miranda as the bubbly Lin'zee Starshine and the underwhelmed Nova Jones in the ongoing series "Wonders of the Universe"


In this app, Miranda is one of the actors portraying authors of historic letters and documents (New York Historical Society)