Holy Knight (OAV)CamillaMedia Blasters
Wonders of the UniverseNova Jones, Lin'zee StarshineToonwerks
TOMEAdditional VoicesChris Niosi
SafehousePolice OperatorRyan Braund


TechnobabylonViksha Regis, CaptainCheese969Technocrat Games/Wadjet Eye Games
Mission: MATH... Peril at the PyramidsAgent DeltaKata Enterprises and Engine SoftwareTrailer
Apotheon (PC/PS4)AphroditeAlientrapTrailer
Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the WolfRowindaWinter Wolves
Fear for Sale: The 13 KeysSophiaEleFun Games
The Blackwell EpiphanyMadelineWadjet Eye Games
Amaranthine Voyage:
The Living Mountain
GraceEipix Entertainment
ConspirocracyAdditional Voices Little Red Dog Studios
Myths of the World: Stolen SpringVesnaEipix Entertainment
Mission: MATH... Sabotage at the Space StationAgent DeltaKata Enterprises and Engine SoftwareTrailer
Living Legends: Frozen BeautyElizabeth4 Friends GamesTrailer
Fear For Sale: Nightmare CinemaLily ThompsonEleFun GamesTrailer
PrimordiaMemento Moribuilt, CharityWormwood Studios/ Wadjet Eye GamesTrailer
Dust: An Elysian Tail (Also for PC)SarahiHumble Hearts/ Microsoft Games StudioTrailer
ResonanceEmma, Irinaxii games/ Wadjet Eye GamesTrailer
The Journey Down: Chapter OneMama MakenaSkygoblinTrailer
The Blackwell DeceptionTiffanyWadjet Eye GamesTrailer
Ace Pilot: Infinity DrifterSherylBrigadesoft/ Newgrounds
Reincarnation: TFHHDrunk WomanB-Group Productions
MiskatonicNovack, Nurse, AliceJackslawedTrailer
Eternally UsAmberInfinite Grace GamesPlaythrough, no commentary
(PewDiePie commentary)
The HeroAdditional VoicesTraplight Games/ ChillingoTrailer

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